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Utilize every inch of living space with joy.

Clei was the first company - since 1963 – to explore the complex world of transformable furniture. As always happens to innovators, Clei is constantly imitated. A reason that has always motivated us to support research and innovation to create value we are proud of. The value that can never be matched.

Time flies! The Italian-origin “Clei” transformable furniture had been introduced to Hong Kong for over 5 years! In Hong Kong such a high-density living environment, the art of space-saving furniture has no doubt became a hot topic.


Although there are plenty of substitutes in the market, Clei still standing out from the competitors. Credits to the European advance technology, Clei`s qualified bed structure, hardware and patented safety lock system, are the reasons why customer made their wise decisions. 

The ONLY brand with over 50 year`s history on transformable furniture.


Advance technology that no copiers can follow. 


  • Patented Bed Base (CF09)

  • Patented Bed Base (CF97) Laser processed

  • Mechanism integrated in the structure with adjustable system

  • Opening and closing stress test

  • Safety system with automatic lock: non-accidental closure

  • Articulation system with gas springs integrated in the structure